Afro-Brazilian Street Food – GIANT FOOD TOUR + Boiling Moqueca + Acarajé in Salvador Bahia, Brazil!


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SALVADOR, BAHIA – Right before ever heading to Brazil, Salvador was a person of the top rated metropolitan areas I needed to go to – and lastly this is the time. In this all out final street food items tour of Salvador we’ll concentrate specifically on Afro-Brazilian food and society, the coronary heart of Salvador, Bahia. The persons ended up astounding, the food was tasty. #Salvador #BrazilianFood #Acarajé #streetfood

Sao Joaquim Industry – To begin this road food stuff tour we begun in the early morning at Sao Joaquim Market, a single of the most important fruits and greens current market, with cafe and foodstuff as very well. One particular factor you’ll see all about the market place, various from other components of Brazil is dendê oil, the orange palm oil initially from West Africa.

Recanto Da Lucia – At the current market we ate breakfast at Recanto Da Lucia, a compact area Brazilian food stall serving wonderful dishes like feijoada and pirão. Whole price tag – 80 BRL ($20.61)

Dona Susana – Future up on this Afro-Brazilian foods tour of Salvador, we drover to Dona Susana, a cafe under the highway, with a million dollar perspective. The most important dish to take in in Bahia is Moqueca Bahiana, a stew of fish or seafood in palm oil and coconut milk. Her’s was superb as was the ensopado de camarão and her edition of pirão. 1 of the most spectacular locations so far in Brazil. Whole value – 87 BRL ($22.41)

Pelourinho – This is the center of the historic town of Salvador, with a unique Portuguese fashion and impact. If you glance around, you may possibly feel you are in Portugal.

Capoeira – Pelourinho is a center of art and lifestyle and I had a opportunity to understand about Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial artwork, but a dance at the exact same time. It’s astounding to check out and they even volunteered me to stand as they arrived dangerously close to kicking me!

Elevador Lacerda – In Pelourinho you are going to also locate the Elevador Lacerda, which can take you from lover Salvador to the upper component of Salvador.
Cost – .15 BRL ($.03) for each man or woman

Mercado Modelo – Just one of the major central aged city marketplaces in Salvador, Bahia is Mercado Modelo, and when most of the market is rather touristy, Jacibar on the outside the house serves up delectable area dishes. We requested Xinxin de Galinha, Bobó de camarão, and Caruru. It was an outstanding meal. Total price – 180 BRL ($46.37)

Tambores e Cores – Samba beats symbolize Salvador, Bahia, and the thundering drums are a will have to see when you’re in Bahia, Brazil.

Boteco Di Janela – In the evening we went to Boteco Di Janela, a bar and restaurant, friendly owners, and delightful seafood. We ate sarapatel – a blood stew, and sururu – modest regional mussels.

Acarajé da Ivone – If there’s one Brazilian street meals snack you have to consume in Salvadar, it’s Acarajé, a lifetime-transforming bun of blackeyed peas deep fried in palm oil and stuffed with vatapa, caruru, shrimp, and salad. It’s is unbelievable and the entrepreneurs at Acarajé da Ivone had been equally as pleasant and hospitable. I also experienced an Abara, the same factor besides the black eyed pea fritter is steamed in its place of fried. Value – 8 BRL ($2.06) per

Salvador, Bahia, in Brazil, exceeded my anticipations – the food items and individuals had been outstanding and made it a town and location I will by no means overlook. What a beautiful blend of pure natural beauty, food stuff, and hospitality.

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  1. Mark Wiens

    Thank you for watching this entire Brazil food and travel series! If you haven’t watched all the videos yet, here’s the full playlist:

    Before visiting Brazil, what I knew was Football, Amazon Rainforest, and Brazilian BBQ.

    This trip was a massive eye-opener and learning experience.

    From feijoada in the favelas of Rio, to pequi in Goiás, to feijão tropeiro in Belo Horizonte, to açaí, tacacá, and jambu in Belém, to moqueca and acarajé in Salvador.

    Honestly, not everything was easy and smooth in Brazil: traveling, filming while walking around with camera gear, and keeping safe. But for all the risk, the people we met along the way were some of the most warm, hospitable, and diverse, of anywhere.

    A massive thank you to Guilherme and Rafa from Rio4Fun – this trip wouldn’t have been possible without them:

    And thank you again for watching and for your incredible support!

  2. Tiago Luffy

    11 da manhã feijoada e um som do Pablo amo minha Bahia ❤️

  3. Patricia Tita Izzo


  4. frendy phang

    Thanks for share this amazing video u made me hungry lol🤣 and specialy for mrs suzana that i know her from netflix, im very proud of her🙏🏻

  5. The Art of Crochet by Chandra


  6. J H M

    2021 – Thanks from Brasil

  7. Adrienne Gould

    Please show more of your son Micha!!! You did not show Micha much in Brazil,we love to see him,not just you!!!

  8. Yardley J

    Mark must be the only person l hear that qualifies gooey as amazing!

  9. Nielsen N

    Would really love to visit both Brazil and Africa. The people always seem so kind. Huge respect from Denmark

  10. Igor Victor

    acaraje nao tem jeito nao pai

  11. Pho Q

    To wake up on saturdy morning, and sit down in front of the TV with a cup of coffee. Wondering what I am going to have for breakfast. And then watching this video. I come to the realisation that nothing I am going to have for breakfast will match what I'm looking at this video😋😋😋

  12. Arshan like the video

    The guy with u wearing glasses. Always keeps smuling ..but shy. Sweet guy

  13. Arshan like the video

    Mark did u ever tasted the worst food u didnt like but u still praised it for camera….

  14. Laura Klaassen

    Hmmmm all the food looks so so good.

  15. Jessica Williams

    What is the name of that chunky chili sauce you are putting on the brisket? I want to make it.

  16. Matheus Luiz

    O gringo come bem hein, tá de parabéns! Merece like!

  17. Jessica Williams

    Maming me sooo hungry!!!

  18. E Z E

    Been there. Did all of this.

  19. Ahmed Jartu

    The Brazilian episode, I almost spent half of my day watching, I maybe have my relatives in Salvador, I'm west African

  20. Rakesh Rout

    I think the red tshirt guy has an illness of laughing everytime MARK shows up camera to him😂

  21. Billy Dee

    I wonder if Mark travels with a Portable toilet

  22. Fatima Latif

    I love your enthusiasm and respect you show for other cultures – thank you!

  23. João

    Afro-Brazilan food is the best 🇧🇷🌍

  24. Shamika

    Afro Brazilian are indigenous to South America its their country n the government has them living in poverty. Not everything comes from africa. South America n North America provides plenty of everything. The truth must be told. afro don't mean African. " city of the Gods" those who control the land n resources will reap. The land shall return to those afro Brazilians.

  25. Sonita Preston

    I need to be there all the meals look so good.

  26. Naa Shika

    We call the akaraje, "Akara" in Ghana. The difference is the oil. We don't use palm oil.

  27. Rita Costa

    wow love your videos about my home country 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  28. arjun katuwal

    पैसा पनि तिरदछस कि खानछस मात्रै

  29. OllieTheKidd & OldManRick Gameplay Amador Caótico

    This is not "feijoada", it's "FEIJÃO GORDO".

  30. Rudy Howard

    I went there yesterday.

  31. Rajeshwari Ramachandran

    I don't understand why u put all the foods together in same plate

  32. Paulo Rodrigues Moraes

    7:18 R$80???? LOL, they stabbed you man, this is a translated brazilian expression that means they overpriced something.

  33. SW33ToXic

    I am canadian and lived in Salvador for about a year. Don't do like him, never EVER bring expensive cameras. Salvador is a very violent and dangerous town so be extremely careful when visiting this place and it's better to visit the place with locals honestly, and don't take the bus. (Clearly he had contacts so don't do everything that he is doing) The food sure is really nice and I miss it very much. Also people: be very careful, don't eat meat from random vendors in the street, in markets it's mostly fine but if you're not careful you could end up with worms or very sick and you don't want that.

  34. Christina Pollock

    Delicious yummy delicious meal 😋 mouthwatering what a meal, good job mark weins keep it up ,amazing 👏

  35. Sandra Ispahany


  36. ĐSL12 ✔️

    As pessoas olhando e fofocando é coisa de brasileiro mesmo

  37. Pepe Pinga

    This reminds me of what I always tell people….that our Cuban food isn't "Cuban". It's African with a bit of Spanish.

  38. Alma Martinez

    Would love to go

  39. D B

    29:01 How u Not gonna tell that man that he has something on his lip tho !? Did him dirty on the internet! 😅🤣 love that guava paste my relatives bring to me from Mexico!!!

  40. D B

    6:30. 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 ugh…Mexican American here from Bay Area, Ca.
    Tendon is my favorite in Pho and other Vietnamese dishes, and Mexican Menudo and Pozole… It’s good for skin, hair and nails from the collagen! I laugh when people pay a ton of money for processed collagen powder from beauty brands when u could eat this gelatinous wonder. It’s actually low in fat and high in protein. 😉


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