This could be the greatest carrot cake i’ve ever tried… we’d not heard of this before, but a Brazilian carrot cake is a chocolate topped cake with blended carrots discretely inside & is amazing!
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  1. mike notta

    I'm sure that is delicious, but it will not beat the original!

  2. Safa Hameed

    Omg ! That statue behind him scared the hell out of me ! 😱

  3. Ana Beatriz

    Cadê os brasileiros aqui nos comentários,?

  4. Barbara Mintz

    Thanks Barry. You are a delight. I only have a food processor (Cuisinart). Would that work? What size baking pan should I use? Thanks so much. Our measurements over here in USA are different than the ones you gave us.

  5. Eliverto Scherer

    Get a fouet 🙂

  6. Rafael Lopes

    As a Brazilian myself I think that cake looks delicious, some ingredients are diferent but probably because they are hard to find outside Brazil hahahaha
    Well done!

  7. Rayra Alcure

    I'm brazilian and I also think it is way too much sugar, so I always use half of what the recipe asks for. Yummy the same way, and the brigadeiro helps to restore the sweeteness.

  8. Lais Nogueira Cardoso

    You don't really need to peel the carrots, in fact don't, because they are a great source of beta carotene (that converts into vitamin A). And for the topping do a microwave oven brigadeiro with semi-sweet chocolate, it's not as sugary but still has a rich flavor that matches with the cake.

  9. Iman Amin

    This recipe seems like it could easily be converted into a gluten free recipe…

  10. Malu Nazario

    We actually eat it with brigadeiro and not that sauce

  11. Pedro Vendette

    it is sad like you used honey and milk to
    substitute leite condensado

  12. Renata Silva

    The topping is a bit…

    We use condensed milk with cocoa and butter for the topping. Or what you were trying to do but I guess you mistook heavy cream for milk 🤔 its ganache you know

  13. ash woldu

    U don’t tell us how much dl oil we should put

  14. Renan

    Bolo de cenoura, Jeff approves.

  15. Lucca Radhuany

    vai caraio

  16. Priscilla Tayllor

    You should've used the blender first hahaha, I've never seen anyone using a food processor to mix the oil, eggs, sugar and carrots. But it looks really good!

  17. Runar Andersen

    Can someone please make this to me?

  18. Karolina K.

    holy– i have been watching Steve Irwin's documentaries (more like 100th time re-watching) and damn, Barry you do a great Steve Irwin impression! haha the cake looks amazing! I'm going to try to bake it seems pretty easy!

  19. Wingardium Lachancla

    ROFL the way you try to mix the carrots little by little, this is exactly my first try ! XD

  20. julia lima

    I’ve been subscribed for a while and binge watch all your episodes (out of order) and I came across this one. I’m brazilian (i live in the us) and my mom makes this all the time especially when we have guests over. I love seeing someone who isn’t brazilian or familiar with the dish attempt to make it because they learn a little more about the uniqueness of the culture. Love your videos.

  21. David14C

    im 15, im taking gcse catering but im only good at desserts and baking! i need to learn to work with vegetables more but when im older i wanna be a Baker or Dessert chef!

  22. Keatlyn sanders

    For almost all vegetables, having the skin on is healthier as it holds lots of vitamins and nutrients x

  23. J N

    doesnt the chocolate split

  24. Luke Bossio

    I love carrot bits in my carrot cake 🙁

  25. Dawn Shipley

    There is a lot of nutrition in the peel of a carrot. I like them both ways.

  26. sechsplusachtzig

    Super easy, very tasty, fluffy and moist. Made it 3 times now. Once to try it out when we had a lot of carrots in the house. Then with an extra layer of fondant with a picture on it. And a few days ago i made 18 muffins out of the batter. It was very well received every time.

  27. Jean Charles

    God Save the Queen and Carrot Cake !!

  28. Lianoxortaroudia

    How much oil did he put in the beginning?

  29. Aneela Zafar

    Can i use olive oil or sunflower oil?

  30. Luis Gustavo Ferreira

    Why do you have a cardboard cut out of the queen? Ahahahaha

  31. José Francisco Candido Filho

    Yeees! The skin is nutritious and has some elements not present at the rest of the carrot! But that's up to you!

    Nooo! Call it "bolo de cenoura" to give the feeling of really eating our cake! 🙂

  32. Mayara Silva

    O melhor bolo ❤❤


    you blended it too much mate.


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