Brazilian Cheese Bread (Pao de Queijo)


Tacky parmesan bites designed with tapioca starch! Well and some other components way too. So addictive! They are terrific to have for tea or treats. Very best eaten heat. Do consider these tremendous delish cheesy bites, or also recognized as Brazilian cheese bread (pao de queijo).

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  1. Hannah Plas

    I just made them and omg they are SO GOOD!! Thanks for sharing the great recipe! 🙂

  2. Louisa Wong

    Looks great. You added 3 eggs while other recipe only 1 egg. What difference does it make to the texture please?

  3. nhelz bookz

    Hello.can use ordinary oil?thanks

  4. SweetnSavoryGlutenFree

    Hi Bea and Marco! I love this recipe and made for my gluten free family. It turned out great! I'd like to feature your recipe and channel on mine and give credit to you. How may I best do that?

  5. SweetnSavoryGlutenFree

    I think this is the best recipe among all on the internet. I will make them and let you know how it goes!

  6. Julia Mendes

    Oh Minas Gerais,quem te conhece não esquece jamais. ❤

  7. Cho Jamie

    Could you tell me which tapioca starch you used? Would the one from Bob's Red Mill work?

  8. ᴘ ᴜ ᴍ ᴘ ᴋ ɪ ɴ

    Ia thia a sign that means i am going to brazill

  9. Mary Alcocer

    Hi Bea. Have you ever used different milk for this recipe? For instance: oat milk or almond milk? Thanks!
    Beautiful channel.

  10. Lucrativesoldier

    Ok I’m about to make these, but my question is, what do you feed your chickens to get those nice orange yolks?😍

  11. Tatyana

    Is it possible to make them with AP Flour not tapioca?

  12. ayieethea

    Can i store the dough in the freezer? Thanks!

  13. Joyce Chan

    Can’t wait to try making these! I hear you can freeze any extras? How would you heat them back up?

  14. Farofa Canadense

    I’m Brazilian, and of course I love pao de queijo!!! Love your channel too!!!

  15. Sam Soh

    Tried baking today. It is yummy although it turn out a bit hard and not so chewy . May I know how to make it softer and more chewy?

  16. Jolyn Yi

    Hi 🙂
    Please advise after adding 3 eggs my dough became very sticky could it be becos i use an larger egg?

  17. Meme Chang

    Can I use Glutinous Rice Flour?

  18. Shuang Cheng

    Tried it out this morning, simple but so good

  19. Kitchen Styles

    Looks Delicious 😍😍👌👍
    I joined you 🔔 i hope you do same

  20. mariusnz

    Can I use dried grated parmesan?

  21. Gwen Saavedra

    well explain

  22. Marie Cu

    Is it possible to use ordinary cheese? And not parmesan?

  23. Lucy Sim

    Hi, I am used to measurement in metric. So I like to check if is "gr" means grams or grains?

  24. MoniRep

    I love it

  25. Sarah Arabi


  26. Heidi LARA

    yummy 😍

  27. Ellen Fox

    I just made these from your recipe…..OMG they are soooo good. Thank you for sharing.

  28. Grace Samia

    Hi wow great

  29. Walter White

    Great recipe. Thank you

  30. Marcele C

    I'm brazilian and this is our real Pão de queijo.❤

  31. Yasemin k

    I want to make this so badly, but I can’t find Tapioca starch, I’ve been hunting for it! Would this recipe work with other attaches such as corn or potato starch?

  32. iris Imnida

    What if I dont have oven to use, is it possible to do it over a pan? Thank you!

  33. Maura Atef

    Can i use corn starch instead?

  34. Louise Belcher

    Just made these today… delicious but the outside came out a little thick and a little too dry. Any tips?

  35. anonymous 1 a

    Can I use bread flour

  36. Lê Sathie

    Pão de queijo é oficialmente patrimônio cultural brasileiro ! Viva a internet !!! E o youtube !!!

  37. Maya _sightseeing

    1 Cup : … ml ?


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