Brazilian CHEESY BREAD Recipe – aka Pão De Queijo – Easy Cheese Bread

From my hometown in Brazil, Uberaba, Minas Gerais I bring to you guys the world famous Pão De Queijo, aka Brazilian Cheese Bread. This is made in every Brazilian Churrascaria. It is easy and simple to make. You can also freeze them, it will last up to 6 months in the freezer is really an amazing recipe.

I cooked it for 30mins @ (325°F / 163°C)
Or until lightly Golden Brown

* INGREDIENTS * I used for cheese bread recipe.
5 Cups of Tapioca Starch:
2 Eggs
2 cups of Whole Milk
1/2 cup Vegetable Oil
2 tbsp Fine Salt (I like mine with 2 tbsp fine salt if you like less salty use 1 tbsp) Be exact on your tbsp use a measuring method don’t guess with salt!
2 cups Mozzarella Cheese
1 cups Parmesan Cheese (4oz)

Tips & Tricks for perfection

* PS. First Watch the video above. On video I showed only 3 cups of Tapioca Starch but I used 5, you can use 4 and add all the wet stuff, mix everything and add more accordingly. If you put less tapioca starch it will be a moist and gooey inside. If you add more it will be dryer and more towards bread style. I recommend starting with 5 cups and adjust to your liking.

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  1. Usha Meister

    I love this bread. Every single time we go to the Texas de Brazil restaurant as i load up on this one bread. Good I happened upong your channel. thks. gonna make it this weekend. looks easy enough. I know it tastes good just the way u pulled it apart and looking athe overall enf product know how authentic it is. thks. and hello from Canada

  2. Gaming OPS

    can i use peanut oil instead ??

  3. Rob In Mojacar

    Any wanting to know the tune its To Wonderland by Headlund

  4. Johnny 24

    I cut this recipe in half and my dough is runny it's in the oven now but is it supposed to not be runny? I used 2.5 cups or tapioca starch and 1 cup of milk, 1 egg, 1/4 cup oil. Also is there a risk to overmixing or no chance?

  5. Jonathan Meynell

    I made these a few weeks ago now my family make me make them at least 3times a week [ thanks guga ]

  6. Exodia Thomas

    Who else is here after the wagyu fat vid?

  7. Ferx2001

    So good. Wayyy better than Fogo de chao. Used queso blanco instead of mozzarella.

  8. daniel spies

    Im always looking for easy recipes, but somehow i keep messing it up. 😅

  9. Renata Ferreira

    No começo vc mostra o polvilho doce e a tapioca starch mas na receita vc usa só a tapioca starch certo?

  10. Bionik-58

    Followed exactly and even the tips video.. soupy mixture

  11. Matheos Branco

    Brasil representando

  12. Brian M

    Mr. Guga.

    What do you think would happen if you made these with MSG?

  13. Amy Rivers

    These look a lot like cheese puffs that I learnt how to make from Mum's recipe. We would cut them in half and spread with butter. We had these as far back as i can remember. She can't remember where she got the recipe from we would have them instead of cheese scones. I'm going to try this recipe even though tapioca is expensive here.

  14. Ivan M

    Its 3 cups not 5 tapioca flour, it's a mistake..

  15. MalleusMalleficarum

    AAA NOW I CAN MAKE MY OWN AND RELIVE MY CHILDHOOD <3 my dad would buy use huge cones of these whenever we took the metro <3 im gonna cry, thanks guga!

  16. Katrina H.

    Making these this weekend!!!

  17. Peter Tumminaro

    Thank you Guga for bringing a bit of Brazil to us! One of my favorite things about being American is all the access to so many beautiful cultures.

  18. Alena F

    Can I substitute milk with water or any dairy free milk?

  19. YoungOne

    Fav Food man

  20. Priscila LaMar

    I used to pay a lot of money for Pão de Queijo here in the US until I found this recipe. We have made it twice and I just gave the recipe to my sister who is in Canada. The only thing I changed is that I used 1 tbsp of salt instead of 2. Thanks for sharing this with us!! ❤

  21. CLOREROSA420

    Has anyoney done theese with garlic? Please let me know if they’re good

  22. Kayla Harrod

    More side dish videos pls!

  23. Wonderhorse9006

    He probably got the cheese from São Paulo from Brazil, so maybe he made crazy hamborger off camera 😳😳😳

  24. Jason Boyce

    Making these for the first time today with some picanha steaks, which is also a first for me. Roasting up some garlic too for mashed potatoes. Essentially making a Guga meal 😂

  25. Nelson Castellanos

    Sei que você é brasileiro, mas quando aprendi a fazer, também sei que, ao colocar a massa do pão na geladeira por algumas horas, a massa do pão fica firme e fácil de manusear. Isso é apenas segredos de fabricação de pão. Thank you for the video!

  26. Rechilda Merioles

    Recipe pls.

  27. Rechilda Merioles

    Ohmm yummy


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