Celebrate Sausage S01E26 – Brazilian Linguiça cuiabana


Welcome to Celebrate Sausage. Today we are making Brazilian Linguiça Cuiabana

You can find a printable recipe for linguiça cuiabana here:

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  1. Eduardo Rezende

    Great video series. Just a quick note. If I am not mistaken, the pepper in the video is callled Biquinho pepper and the recipes calls for habanero pepper, which are entirely different. Biquinho pepper a non spicy pepper and usually pickled (sweet and tangy). A mild pickled red jalapeno might work better as a substitution.

  2. Azure D

    Saaaalve BR!

  3. Renato Bulhoes

    Hi friend. Make the brazilian calabresa: smoked and not smoked. Try over a pizza afterwards (Rio, Brazil)

  4. Luiz Júnior

    Thank you Eric for the tribute to our country's most famous sausage!

  5. Luiz Júnior

    All the way from Brazil here!

  6. Sou Palmeiras

    Receita fugiu da tradicional, linguiça cuiabana não vai na batedeira, pois não precisa de liga

  7. Mooseman Magee

    That is impressive! Thank you

  8. Alex Koryachek

    It is look so easy when you make it not so easy when I do ha ha

  9. Marios Channel

    Thanks from Germany y Familia Brasil

  10. Todd's Tropicals

    Oh yeah, looks great!

  11. William Pothier

    I liked the little stuffer he used. Looked like it had a suction base? Loving this series.

  12. Mr. Chit

    I just made a some cheese w milk almost from the cows teet. I used an enzyme called rennet. The results were a mild mozza for lasagna. Would this be the same?

  13. pattayaguideorg

    Great idea Eric, next series = celebrate cheese…ou yeah!

  14. Eric Foster

    Charcutaria is a great channel! I've picked up several great recipes from him!!

  15. Sou Palmeiras

    Essa eu sei fazer 😁😁😁
    Linguiça muito saborosa
    No aguardo, abraços.


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