Gluten Free Brazilian Cheese Balls | Pão de Queijo Recipe


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These heavenly gluten free Brazilian Cheeseballs are to die for. These light and fluffy cheese puffs are best served warm from the oven. Simple and gluten-free Brazilian cheese bread, or Pão de Queijo, made with tapioca flour, milk, eggs, oil, and cheese. They are super easy to make at home. Pão de queijo are made with sour cassava flour or tapioca flour instead of all-purpose flour. Tapioca flour is the same as tapioca starch. Pão also have a very mild cheesy flavor thanks to the use of parmesan cheese, though you could substitute any other cheese you’d like for a more pronounced or different cheese flavor. Pão de queijo are at their crispiest best when they’re still warm from the oven. This said, the will soften over night and make excellent sandwich bread the next day.

Some people make them crustier (and tougher) and others, like me, prefer them soft and pillowy! The original recipe uses manioc starch (either sour or sweet) and “meia cura” cheese. 

There are several ways to make Pão de Queijo. One method includes cooked potatoes. One method is sort of like a pâte a choux in which you cook the dough first. This is the easier version of all in a blender. The beauty of this recipe is that you can make a big batch of batter and just store it in the refrigerator (for up to a week), pouring out just as many mini-muffins as you want to eat. You can even cook them in a toaster oven.You can find Tapioca flour in whole foods, amazon and local brazilian or portugese stores. Tapioca flour is gluten-free, so this cheese bread is great for gluten-free eaters.

Pão de queijo is an typical Brazilian snack, originally from the states Minas Gerais and Goiás. We don’t know exactly where and when it originated, but it is suspected that it was around the 18th century, during the slavery period, in the “fazendas mineiras” (farms located in Minas Gerais). It was customary to serve the masters bread and coffee in the afternoon (hence our “afternoon coffee” instead of “afternoon tea”). However, in Brazil, wheat products just started being largely produced in the 20s, so the cooks had to use manioc products.

Those were widely available since they were used long before colonization. So to make the breads, they had to use tapioca flour (or manioc starch),

Link to Tapioca Flour UK : 
Link to Tapioca Flour USA :


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  1. Felipe Brockveld

    This is the effect of starch with gluten?

  2. Manga

    I think this might be my Christmas party food.

  3. Helena Moreno

    Hello! I’d love to try your recipe but can’t find list of the ingredients. Can you tell me where to find it?

  4. Gina Flavy

    Can i make this without egg because my daughter has gluten and egg allergy

  5. Stephanie Pathinather

    Can you use Cassava flour instead of the tapioca flour?

  6. Nirali Patel

    Hey is there a step by step ingredient list to the recipe and how much of each ingredient to make this? Thank you

  7. Jamie Acree

    I love cheese too!

  8. KJ Warren

    Could you use coconut flour in place of the tapioca?

  9. Real Zalkor

    Try the SOUR tapioca flour, and You can avoid to add the baking powder, because it's kind of a natural yeast. Every good Brazilian brand (like this same Yoki) should deliver both types.
    "Super healthy for You"!

  10. Tx22unlistedfootage

    Tapioca flour is available in health food stores and gluten free food sections of most large grocery stores.

  11. Apotheosis Divine

    Those look good, and who doesn't love big balls!! I'm going to make some, thanks for recipe.

  12. Tim Stinson

    I deffenitly don't have a Brazilian store where I live… I have sheep……… So many sheep they are everywhere.. And don't listen to the people who say sheep make good neighbaaaaas.. Its a lie.. They block the road and they stink!

  13. mr.metalhead HHH

    Can I also use mozzarella cheese ?

  14. vickie vargo

    These are so good! Thanks for the recipe. Tapioca flour can be found in any Asian market or you can find the Bob's Red Mill brand in most stores in the US.

  15. Keep Calm


  16. Diane Fiske-Foy

    Yum 👍🏻❤️‼️

  17. discod

    Can’t wait to try these! Thank you for having a gluten free recipe.

  18. Jezza W.

    You're work is truly amazing it's all together on another level of cuisine 🌹💋

  19. Jezza W.

    This is a marvellous recipe thank you 🌹❤️💋👍🏼

  20. Jirina Mahr

    Nice Alla's, here in Santa Cruz Bolivia, make some similar. It is named Cuñape. It is shreded white dry cheese ( special in here) and tapioca starch. The recipe is simple:
    1kg shreded white bolivian cheese, 1/2 kg tapioca starch, a very small pinch of salt (it dependes of the salt in the cheese) and 1 egg. You mix it with your hand and make balls about 4 cm diam. Put on the oven sheet and bake 230 C till it is lightly golden. It tastes very delicious. Greetings. Love your recipes.


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