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A very special version of huevos rancheros, inspired by a book written by one of my viewers. These are a cross between huevos rancheros and stacked enchiladas: corn tortillas layered with homemade salsa, refried beans and cheese and topped with a fried egg. Watch the original huevos rancheros recipe video here
And the book that inspired this recipe
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Hilah Cooking is a short-form, educational web series focused on making cooking FUN! My focus is on simple, low-cost recipes with a Texas flair. Everything from how to make tortillas, to churros, to how to poach an egg. Basic cooking techniques and delicious home cooking recipes. New videos every Thursday!

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  1. Bernardo Campos

    This made my mouth water

  2. Lily Camarena


  3. S Jams

    I’ve watched a dozen huevos rancheros recipes, including a few from Mr. Ramsay. This one looks the most delicious! I have to have Chorizo too, though.

  4. mizz prettyladi

    Looks so delcious . i know what im having for breakfast tomorrow 🙌

  5. FLiP 300

    I love how white women pronounce mexican dishes. Its effin sexy!

  6. Nick Salas

    Going to go make this for breakfast right now ❗️

  7. Bernan Galean

    Tham girl double stack huevos Rancheros Amazing ! I would put an egg in the center also.

  8. C. Osberto Alvarado

    That looks absolutely delicious, but sorry it's not "huevos rancheros", maybe you can call it something else.

  9. Gary Valencia

    Sugar Ray Robinson was 187 years old and was still boxing…😂

  10. dog leg jake

    she is such a amazing woman !!!!!!!

  11. Angelo SuperSport


  12. Mark & Kristy Nichols

    I am up this late…hungry…making lunches for our son's and my husband's lunches and totally cracking up (as well as learning) at your videos! You got me at egg porn–LOL–thanks for this late night entertainment! Not staying up late enough for this recipe tonight, but getting ready to make the SPANGLISH fried egg sandwich for me! Thanks–looking forward to more videos–Kristy Oh and thinking your cookbook would be great gift!

  13. douchebagout

    yolk porn? hahaha!! u need a goddamn show on food channel

  14. jorge hernandez

    Looks great!

  15. Darlene Lefevre

    are the seeds still in the jalapenos?

  16. Ruben Mora

    hilah. you should try my huevos con chorizo. you'll love it. so yummy

  17. t42 Press

    cheese and tortillas = too complicated..we here in south tezxas – whichi is really mexico do not do this complex – i have yet to see simple huevos rancheros. What is wrong with you pple? aint' the mexican onsaught of illegals attack your small town yet?
    this is wrong and misrepresentation. got it wrong commin and going. (however secretly I love most of your vids) but ahem, this one is a miss. <<<ill come in here with a link if i can find just one just ONE authentic huevos rancheros recipe -a nd i am failing to find it on YouTube anywhere……………………….YOUTUBE CHALLELNGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  18. KartizaK


  19. Cathryn Edmiston

    love your food Hilah!

  20. angela14962002

    Looks good!!! 🙂

  21. Thomas Fenske

    Another update:
    ALL ebook versions of THE FEVER are currently FREE at for the month of July!
    Check out my web site for details:


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