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Make Pão de Queijo aka Brazilian cheese bread! Pao de queijo is SO easy to make and a great thing to keep in the freezer for a quick snack. My friend Tuany assists in this video to make pao de queijo. New videos every Thursday! Subscribe to be notified when I release a new video!:
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  1. Thalytha Concell

    Pão de Queijooo!!
    Simplesmente amo♡

  2. Sal B.

    Somebody said that you look like Lisa Kudrow, but all I can think about when watching you is that you look like Gwyneth Paltrow…

  3. Cumandá Santillan

    What about the correct amount of each ingredient?

  4. Lorna Chatwin


  5. Rhener Furtado

    She said "Solta os cachorros" hahahaha it was a mention to a Brazilian TV presenter called Ana Maria Braga, that when she eats something very good on her program, she says "let the dogs out" it is not known where she invented it but it became a Brazilian expression. And in the end she sends a kiss to her family and to you, this also is a mention from the presenter Xuxa Meneguel, who had a program for children in the 80s, and all the children after participating in a game with her, saying goodbye said "A kiss for my mom, for my dad and for you Xuxa " lol Wonderfull I love that!

  6. keller crucita


  7. G

    Stupid, blondie don't sais temperature ahhhhhaaaaa make this video again.

  8. Mari Mello

    Solta os cachorros hahahahhahahaha

  9. with sai borg

    That's some delicious stuff right there! Yum

  10. Gilsnet

    The best PAU DE QUEIJO! Next time make “pão de queijo” 🤣🤣🤣🤣LOL

  11. Ana Cavalier

    Someone might have already asked this before, but because I am not reading through the 200+ comments to double check, here is my question: What is the next best cheese I could use if I can't find Queijo Minas (besides Parmesan)?

  12. Ramoncito Ramos


  13. Farofa Canadense

    I have an even easier recipe!!! Just blending the ingredients! Check it out!

  14. matheus freitass

    Helo ❤ i love pão de queijo, a melhor coisa do mundo😍

  15. ossybee bee

    Isn't the dough too runny?

  16. Andreia andreia

    could u please give me the amount of each ingredient .thanks

  17. Акиис Уразбаева

    Интересный рецепт, спасибо!!!

  18. Natalia Spinelli

    The recipe did not work for me. I wish the ingredients were in GRAMS. I used sweet tapioca and I had to use a little more tapioca to make it work but results were not that good…. Will try again with different recipe.

  19. thalyta cristina

    Sour tapioca flour makes the cheese bread crispy outside

    Sweet tapioca flour makes the cheese bread softer inside.

    So, a good thing is mixing both, half/half

  20. Juliana Domingos

    the way she says pao de queijo hurts my heart

  21. Fallen

    0:03 Um, if we translate to english, you said cheese d**k.

  22. Phoînix Ólympos

    não importa aonde eu encontre video, sempre tem BR no comentarios

  23. Kayla Cyrus

    I was done with this video at “pao de quiejo” #wypipo 🙄

  24. Maria Cynthya

    Pau de Queijo kkkjjkkjk
    Maturidade: 0

  25. JJ


    it's Pão, the accent makes it sound like pawn, not pao


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