Sirloin Picanha Recipe | Picanha Steak cooked on a Pit Barrel Cooker


Picanha Steak Recipe – Sirloin Picanha cooked hanging on Barrel Cooker

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Sirloin Picanha or “sirloin cap roast” is a delicious cut of beef found on the top of the sirloin. It’s typically served in Brazilian steakhouses where it’s cooked on a rodizio grill and served right off the skewer. Picanha should have a ¼” of fat cap over the meat. This fat renders as it cooks and keeps the meat flavorful and juicy.

For this recipe I’m using 2 picanha roast from Matador Prime Steak –

Cut the roast across the grain and season with a good dose of Kosher Salt. (In Brazilian steakhouses that’s all they use) I also add a layer of my steak rub for extra flavor and texture.

Instead of using a rotisserie, I set up a Pit Barrel Jr. drum smoker with hanging rods to support metal skewers. Double each piece of picanha into a half moon shape with the fat cap on the outside.

Carefully thread each piece onto the metal skewers (2 pieces per skewer). Hang the skewers on the rods of the pit barrel jr and cook until the internal temperature reaches 122-125 degrees (about 25 minutes).

Once the fat starts rendering it can easily flair up, so don’t walk away and keep the lid closed as much as possible to avoid this. If you’re cooking on a regular grill grate just keep the steaks turned on a regular basis for even cooking.

Rest the picanha for 5-10 minutes before serving and carve each steak into thin portions right off the skewer. I serve it with fresh chimichurri sauce on the side.

Chimichurri Sauce
– 1 cup Italian Flat Leaf Parsley finely chopped
– 1 cup Cilantro finely chopped
– 4 cloves Garlic minced
– 1 Tablespoon Lemon Zest
– 2 Tablespoon Lemon Juice
– ¼ cup Red Wine Vinegar
– ½ cup Olive Oil
– Salt & Pepper

Combine ingredients and store in a covered container until ready to serve.

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  1. The Harz

    Ok guga will not be happy bcoz u cut it against the grain

  2. Gerriann Koch

    This was HANDS. DOWN. the BEST meat I have ever had in my entire life!! Thank you Malcolm! My husband cooks your stuff all the time.

  3. Charlie McGee

    What a guy

  4. Brian Bell

    I like this guys style…most of the guys that do videos like these are flakes!!
    Good job!

  5. Tony Gonzalez

    Great picanha smoke Brother Reed! Awesome job!!!🤠

  6. TK 421

    Damn, three years old, still full of taste!

  7. mjethier

    i thought you cut those with the grain for the skewer aspect of it all…then sliced thin.

    I am about to cook my first picanha prime this week on rotisserie.

    @guga and malcolm, clarify please!

  8. Brownshoe949

    Whete can I get those skewers with the holes and hooks?

  9. Thomas Nguyen

    Damn Malcolm…I shouldn't be watching ur videos late at night and hungry

  10. Red Dingoe

    The matador site cant be reached….

  11. No pressure Cooking show

    Awesome video my brother awesome video

  12. jwat

    if u disliked this video ur prolly vegan lol

  13. Authentic Jaliscience Food


  14. big matt

    Man I need to stop watching these when I'm starving.

  15. Craig Luhr

    Ribeyes have always been my favorite until I tried Picanha. Now, I just cook picanha on skewers or as steaks. Nothing is better.

  16. Cvetomir

    Great , but to much blood

  17. Yong Yea

    1.4 billion subscribers by 2022

  18. Big Boricua

    Fat is flavor my friend 🤷‍♂️🤣

  19. Alireza Johari

    That's not juice, it is blood!!!

  20. jerad Liberty4560

    What kind of gloves do i always see these bbq guys wearing

  21. L J

    Man that looked good!

  22. Tawfik Barakat


  23. Oscar Williams

    I’ll be cooking mine this weekend

  24. Michael Vink

    Man, I HAVE to stop watching bbq videos AFTER all the stores have closed! Awesome video!

  25. Legit- CODM

    While cutting it looks saliva wants to come out of his mouth 🤣🤣🤣

  26. Nuno Salinas

    The king of cook

  27. R

    Picanha really is the best tasting cut. And you can get it very tender too. I’ve even marinated it with good results.

  28. alejofox10

    I have watch a lot of tour videos, and this is the first time I see you really exited about A steak. They are a lot of Brazilian stores in Jacksonville FL, and this cut goes for around $6 a pound… it is freaking delicious. Is my favorite cut along with “entraña”( outside skirt) a very popular cut for Colombians.

  29. Marc Lafontaine

    Did this today on my barrel smoker, in Mexico….. MAN!!!!!! THANK YOU

  30. Jeff Purcell

    Malcolm calls that little straggler a “pit master snack”. Awesome.

  31. Joe Hoe

    Best looking picanha I've seen. I think the high heat goes a long way towards getting a really colourful and flavourful end product.

  32. Tim Davidson

    Great simple to follow video for someone like myself (a non pro) to follow. Straight to the point and didnt skip the basics that pros assume everyone already knows

  33. Paco Vaz

    Can it be cook on a wood pellet grill?

  34. Joe Morris

    You need a sharp knife

  35. Patrick Williams

    Man you are good, thank you!!

  36. samwize1701

    I have a Pit Barrel Cooker. I bought it as a starter drum after discovering Malcolm. I've made some incredible things in there. Would love to give this a try.

  37. Bag Seed Grower

    This dude breaths and talks like his one breath away from a heart attack, but still love his motivation and videos tho👌

  38. wot #1fan

    I love this channel and many other cooking channels . Also this steak looks amazing cooked perfect. But one thing that annoys me about taste tests in the cook will love it before he even has a chance to taste it. I dont know about you all but it takes a sec or 2 for me to fully chew and taste something. Maybe that is just me.

  39. CODE 47

    Are you saying seenu? What is that exactly

  40. delsurf71

    I hate to be a critic but brother, you hung the hooks backwards. The smaller end goes over the bar. I am going to cook mine the same way.

  41. randolph torres

    Stater Bros markets in SoCal will give u this cut of beef on request. Most other markets I tried, wouldn’t do it.

  42. Stu Robbo

    Its not sirlion its rump

  43. Bruce Esterline

    I’m HUNGRY Now 👍

  44. Alex P.

    Hello Malcolm, do you think I could pulled this recipe.on a kettle? Love your videos and I have learn so many good tricks and recipe from you already. Keep sharing you gift with us.

  45. Scott Mello

    Thanks for all your hard work making these videos!

  46. Xander Vo

    You can get this at most grocery store that does custom cut like Publix. It’s call a sirloin cap. One of the beat steak cut.

  47. WeThePeople

    The Picanha is BY FAR my favorite at Brazilian steak houses. By FAR.


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